Yearbook Photo Guidelines

CLASS PORTRAITS & Photo Guidelines for Submission to Yearbook


Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting CLASS PORTRAITS


*It will be easiest to take Class Portrait using your mobile phone, and then upload them from your phone to your TreeRing Account.

  • Attire MUST BE school appropriate and meet DRESS CODE (No Strapless tops/dresses, No Spaghetti Straps, low-cut top/dress, No Undergarments Showing, etc.) Refer to Student Handbook-Dress Code (pages 43-44)
  • Class Portrait should be from the shoulders up AND Vertical Orientation (NOT Landscape)
  • Use a simple background that does not distract from image of student
  • Submit Full Size Photos. Do NOT crop the image…Yearbook Staff will make any changes needed
  • DO NOT USE Photo Editor Options-Filter, Adjust, Focus, Frame, Brush, or Overlay… Yearbook Staff will make any changes needed to correct brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Inappropriate Photos will NOT be tolerated*

*If these Guidelines are not followed-the Yearbook may NOT be published this year*


Please open the link below to view the STEP-BY-STEP Instruction Video, and Print Guide for Submitting Class Portraits:


Below is a Quick Guide to Submitting your PORTRAITS

  1. Go to and log into your TreeRing account. Your Name (Student Name) should appear at the top of the Homepage.
  2. Scroll down to ADD a Recent PORTRAIT of you (your child), and SELECT Add a Recent Portrait
  3.  Select photo from your photo source (Phone, Computer, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.)
  4. After selecting photo, Photo Editor will open to allow cropping of the photo (we recommend NOT to Crop-allow Yearbook Staff to take care of making those changes if needed)
  5. Select SAVE
  6. You will see the photo was uploaded and on your homepage (Message: Recent Portrait Uploaded)
  7. Your portrait will automatically be placed in the correct Class Portrait Folder, for our Yearbook staff to add to your Class Portrait Pages of the Yearbook.


Feel Free to email me with any questions at [email protected]